Sunday, August 11, 2013

TCL Error

TCL compilation error:

/home/ramakrishna/ns2/ns-allinone-2.34/tcl8.4.18/library:/usr/lib /home/ramakrishna/ns2/ns-allinone-2.32/lib/tcl8.4 /home/ramakrishna/ns2/ns-allinone-2.34/tcl8.4.18/library:/usr/lib /home/ramakrishna/ns2/ns-allinone-2.34/tcl8.4.18/library:/usr/tcl8.4 /usr/local/lib/tcl8.4 /usr/lib/tcl8.4 /usr/local/library /usr/library /usr/tcl8.4.15/library /tcl8.4.15/library /home/ramakrishna/ns2/ns-allinone-2.32/lib/tcl8.4

This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.

1) cd ns-allinone-2.34/tcl8.4.18/ && ln -s lib/ library
2) Reinstall ns-allinone-2.34


1. Go to location root-usr-local-bin by giving following command in terminal
cd /usr/local/bin
2. There you would find the ns file. We just need to remove it by giving following command
rm ns
3. Thats it, you are done. Now your ns starts running successfully.