Patching DYMO-UM in NS-2.34

Step-1: Extract the ns-allinone-2.34 in home directory.

Step-2: Download dymoum-0.3.tgz and dymoum_ns-2.34_v0.3.patch from

Step-3: Extract “dymoum-0.3.tgz” in ns-2.34 directory and make a symbolic link (symlink) there-

cd ns-allinone-2.34/ns-2.34/
tar zxvf dymoum-0.3.tgz
ln -s ./dymoum-0.3 ./dymoum    

Step-4: Edit “dymoum_ns-2.34_v0.3.patch”.  In gedit (a Text editor in Ubuntu), go to line no 58, delete the word Makefile.
Before deletion-

+$(NS):    $(DYMO_UM_DIR)/$(DYMO_UM_LIB) $(OBJ) common/tclAppInit.o Makefile
+    $(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDOUT)$@ \
+          common/tclAppInit.o $(OBJ) $(LIB) 

After deletion-

+$(NS):    $(DYMO_UM_DIR)/$(DYMO_UM_LIB) $(OBJ) common/tclAppInit.o
+    $(LINK) $(LDFLAGS) $(LDOUT)$@ \
+          common/tclAppInit.o $(OBJ) $(LIB)

Step-5: Now patch ns-2 with modified “dymoum_ns-2.34_v0.3.patch”. Use the following command-

patch -p1 < dymoum/dymoum_ns-2.34_v0.3.patch

Step - 6:  Then generate now object files by typing